Spraystream is a spraying machine that produces a mist blanket of micro droplets for dust control in open or enclosed areas. The principle consists in agglomerating the micro droplets with the airborne particles, causing them to precipitate (air washing).

The Spraystream technology controls dust generated in crushing plants, demolition works, material storage or transshipment of bulk goods, or during spraying in agriculture and horticulture, in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor dust control.

The aerodynamically shaped turbine with wind correction consists of composite material which is attached to a galvanised structure. This unit can be attached to all structures with the appropriate adapter. The vertical angle is manually adjustable from -35 to +35°. The unit has a stainless steel nozzle ring.

The factors that determine the choice of machine are:

  • In-or outdoor area
  • the field size
  • the dust problem
  • type of activity