Spraystream 50i POWER

The Spraystream 50i Power is a dust suppression machine that generates a consistent stream of microdroplets to capture airborne dust particles and to prevent the escape of fugitive dust. This unit is the SS50i-type mounted on a mobile chassis that is equipped with a generator. This type of misting cannon is used for larger dust problems on open terrains. This unit is excellent for dustcontrol there where no electricity is available.


  • Throw :   50 m 
  • Pressure :  20 Bar
  • Waterflow* : 1800 - 3600 L/h*
  • Pressure switch
  • Watervalve
  • Remote control
  • Vertical electrical movement
  • Splitable nozzle-ring
  • Angle detector
  • Phase control relay

* Waterflow can be adjusted according to the application

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