Our additives in combination with our Spraystream technology or misting systems ensure a maximum approach to odor and numerous problems.


1. Odor control additive:

The base product "BIO-C" - is a bacteriological trace solution that contains a powerful, independent enzyme system. At the start of the atomization, an immediate active dismantling of the organic waste (odor) starts. The enzymes break down the organic components into a less complex whole, and are eventually dissolved.
These products are available separately in IBC or 25l barrels.

2. Crustformers:

This product is atomised where bulk goods are stored. This product provides a hardened layer on goods that otherwise blow away in open spaces.

3. Disinfection - additive:

The additive “X” is atomized with our nebuliser system. The product meets all standards in order to obtain a maximum result.