Waste processing

About 60% of the waste collected can be separated and then recycled appropriately. This saves new raw materials and a lot of energy, making waste itself a valuable raw material.

Waste processing involves various manipulations such as transporting, separating, processing, which creates an enormous amount of dust. This creates unsafe working conditions at the company/occupational accidents.

Dust nuisance in the environment as well as in the company, which can cause a lot of damage, fire as a result of piled up waste materials , odour nuisance

In order to keep the working environment and the neighbourhood free from dust, Spraystream technology is applied. The following machines are available for this purpose.

Standard atomisers or custom-made misting installations, the devices can be rented or bought, please contact us for more information.


Recycling is essentially the reuse of materials for a similar purpose, such as paper, wood, glass, plastic, etc., or for use in making energy. Beforehand, the waste is carefully sorted in order to recover a maximum percentage.

Depending on the raw material, the production process can cause a great deal of dust, so dust control is an important part of the production process with  mist cannon or customised atomisation installation.

Our extensive experience in the sector can also be an added value for you. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.


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