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Dust - odour - cooling

Short manual S.4/7.5/11.0/15.0/18.5/30.0 (HP)

This short manual does not replace the official manual.

1. Remove the transport lock and any straps See that all moving parts can move freely.
2. Connect the electrical power cable All electrical connections must follow local electrical regulations. Check that the emergency button is not pushed in, if so pull and turn the button to relaese
3. Connect with a water hose Before connecting water, flush the supply hose until clear water, free of impurities flows out (>2bar - <5bar). Then connect the hose to the unit.
4. Start the machine Press the FAN button (1) then after 10 sec the PUMP button (2).
5. Rotation Bring the cannon into centre position with the selector switch (4). Select the preset angle (5), activate the function with button (3).
6. Stop the machine Press the PUMP button (2) then after 30 sec the FAN button (1).


SymptomPossible CauseRemedy
Power light doesn’t
come on
The fuses in the electrical cabinet
are switched off.
Reset the fuses
Red fault light is on
One of the overload protectors
Reset the fuses
Red fault light is on
  1. One of the overload protectors is
    switched of
  2. The incoming phases are
    reversed. (only if the installation is
    equipped with a phase controller)
  1. Switch on the overload
  2. Switch two of the incoming
    phases. Check the sense of
    rotation of the fan, pump and rotation!
The machine does
not respond when the electrical connection
has been made.
The emergency STOP button is
pushed in.
Reset the emergency button
The fan is not working.The overload protection FAN is switched off.Reset the overload protection.
The machine is vibrating.Dirty fan blades.Stop and secure the machine
and clean the fan blades and
The fan’s circuit breaker trips.Obstruction/material in the barrel.Stop and secure the machine
and clean the fan blades and
The water flow is too high.The nozzles are worn.Change the nozzles.
The pump is not working.
  1. The overload protection PUMP is
    switched off.
  2. No water supply.
  3. Filter is clogged.
  1. Reset the overload protection.
  2. Check the water pressure.
  3. Clean the filter.
The pump is working, but there’s no water coming out.
  1. Nozzles are clogged.
  2. The water valve doesn’t open.
  1. Change the nozzles.
  2. Check the water valve, and
    consult your Spraystream
The pump stops
There’s not enough water flow feeding the machine.Increase the water flow, or use bigger feeding hoses.
The turning system is not working.
  1. The overload protection
    OSCILLATOR is switched off.
  2. The system is blocked
  3. The transport lock is not removed.
  1. Reset the overload protection.
  2. Check the machine for
  3. Remove the transport lock.
The turning system is only working in one direction.One of the rotation contactors is brokenReplace the broken rotation
The installation doesn’t respond to the remote control.
  1. The remote control is OFF
  2. The batteries are low
  3. The transmitter is out of reach
  1. Put the remote control on.
  2. Replace the batteries
  3. Go closer to the installation


With a proper maintenance the machine will operate smoothly for many seasons.

  • Fan and barrel: Check the inside of the barrel for damage. Any damage to the barrel can cause a reduction in efficiency. Repair the damage using a quality fiberglass plastic and strive for a smooth surface. Check the fan for damage.
  • Bearings: It is important that the bearings are lubricated before each operating season, or after
    every 250 operating hours (can be less according to the environment).
  • Pump: see manual pump
  • Water manifold and nozzle ring assembly: Before starting/using the machine, please check that all water nozzles in the nozzle ring have the proper spray pattern. If the spray pattern of an individual nozzle deviates; clean or replace the nozzle.
  • Water hoses: Check the camlock and other water couplers for damage and make sure that the gaskets are in place and intact. Check the status from the hoses on leakages.
  • Clutch: The cannon can be turned manually. If this maneuver is too hard to execute, the nut needs to be unscrewed half a turn or more.
  • Water filter: When there is dust visible, clean the filter. In order to do so, shut down the pump and stop the water supply. Unscrew the glass bulb and remove the filter cartridge to clean the inside.
  • Legionella: If the risk exists that contaminated water is used, clean and disinfect the water circuit. Follow the local regulations and laws concerning legionella disease.
  • Electrical cabinet: We recommend a regular check of the electrical cabinet by a certified electrician
  • Power cable: Check that the power cable is in a good state without damages.
  • Electrical connections: It is important to control and check all electrical connections and cables at the beginning of each season.
  • Frost protection: Store the machine in a frost free and dry area to prevent the machine from freezing. If there might be a freezing risk, remove all the water from the system. Purge the filter, remove the hose from the filter and blow compressed air (<5 bar) through the system.

For spare parts, please contact Spraystream or your local dealer.

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