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Innov­at­ive dust con­trol solu­tions, tailored to all customers

Choosing for Spraystream means choosing quality. Always.

Providing excellent quality is absolutely paramount to us. All our machines have a CE label and have been developed in accordance with the General Regulations for Electrical Installations (GREI).

Before we deliver the machines to the customer, we also conduct in-house testing to ensure that everything is perfect. We also rely on external laboratories to test the machines.

Our driven R&D team conducts daily research into possible optimisations, such as noise attenuation and increasing dust reduction. This is how we always guarantee the best and most innovative solutions for your dust or odour issue.

Spraystream strives for a sustainable planet on which health is paramount

An environment with a lot of (small) particulates is disastrous to the environment and our health. We all pay much more attention to the well-being of our employees, and rightly so. Efficient, industrial dust control is a necessity.

Thanks to its cutting-edge dust control systems, Spraystream contributes to creating a greener planet with healthy employees. Our innovative technologies reduce the distribution of dust by about 90%. They are also used for odour issues, cooling, and to decontaminate spaces.

All of our machines are developed using materials of the best possible quality and only use water mist. This ecological method ensures that you consume up to 95% less water.

Choosing Spraystream guarantees a proven solution to your dust issue, while you care for our planet at the same time.

Thorough support, wherever you are

The needs of our customer are paramount to Spraystream. That is why we guarantee thorough follow-up after you purchase or hire your tailor-made atomizing technology. You can easily order spare parts for your machine anywhere in the world. Do you require maintenance? Get in touch.

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