Wheel washing for trucks

An optim­al dirt con­trol of your truck wheels

Spraystream wheel cleaning systems

Wheel washing installations for trucks are essential in industries where large trucks and heavy equipment regularly traverse on paved surfaces or off-road terrains, which can result in dirt, debris, and other contaminants building up on the wheels. These contaminants can be harmful to the environment, and can also lead to safety hazards for other vehicles on the road.

Thorough, periodic cleaning is therefore much needed but time-consuming. Spraystream's automatic wheel washing systems offer a quick and complete solution.

Spraystream presents a wheel wash system that can be easily and completely installed above ground. Several components can, therefore, very easily be placed next to each other to obtain multiple wheel rotations of the truck (in case of heavy soilage, for example).

An effect­ive and effi­cient installation

Count on Spraystream's reliability

With Spraystream’s wheel washing system, you can expect optimum reliability thanks to the high performance and the high-quality materials. By working with Spraystream, you can ensure that your installation is designed to be effective, efficient, and compliant with all relevant (environmental) regulations.

A combination of optimal wheel washing results and optimal energy and water consumption is taken into account.

The Spraystream wheel washing installation reuses water, each time purified by sedimentation. Adding that no chemical flocculants are used makes this system very nature-friendly. Moreover, the system is self-cleaning, requiring little maintenance.

A Spraystream wheel washing system allows for a fast cleaning for 75 to 350 trucks a day.

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