Agricultural industry

Efficient cooling and thorough disinfection

The success of agricultural and horticultural companies depends on numerous factors, such as the climate and the well-being of the farm animals. Excessively high temperatures are very unhealthy for numerous animals and can even lead to heat stress in some cases. This results in lower yields and sometimes the death of the animal. Some crops must also be kept cool to survive (cooling greenhouses).

Spraystream has developed a number of smart solutions to address these issues. Our efficient atomizer systems cool the air without getting the crops or animals wet. Our systems are also very ecological thanks to the low water consumption. Our driven team will always look for the best possible solution for you and will create a custom mist line if necessary. That is how we guarantee a cool environment where your animals and crops can truly flourish.

Besides heat stress, illnesses can also affect farm animals. Thoroughly disinfecting the animal enclosure revolves this issue preventively. By adding disinfectants to the micro-droplets, the animal enclosure is disinfected in an ecological and efficient manner. The chance of diseases spreading is reduced, which benefits your animals.

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