Demolition is a difficult job that involves extensive contamination. Spraystream is happy to help you.

Demolition is a difficult task and requires thorough preparation. The demolition process inevitably involves extensive dust. This leads to unsafe working conditions due to, among other things, an obstructed view, but the consequences of breathing in harmful dust particles are incalculable. The environment can also throw a spanner in the works: nobody wants a contaminated location and potential damage to homes and cars.

The nuisance is sometimes so great that the work is stopped. Efficient dust control can be a solution to this. Our Spraystream technology focuses on preventing dust particles in the air. The harmful dust is absorbed through the atomizing of micro-droplets that subsequently drop to the ground because of gravity. This cleans the air.

We offer both default fog cannons and fixed nozzle systems, but also excel in customisation. Do you want to learn which solution is suitable for you? Let us know. We are more than happy to help!

Pop­u­lar products for demolition

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