About us

Our job is to create a healthy and safe environment.

About Spraystream and the Savic Group

Spraystream is a subsidiary of the West-Flemish machine builder Savic Group. Mirko Savic, founder and owner of Savic Group, incorporated his company in 2004 with a single mission: designing sustainable, innovative, and high-quality atomizer technologies to handle all odour and dust issues.

As a pioneer in its field, the Savic Group has a its own dedicated internal R&D department and production unit. A team of driven engineers ensures the careful handling of your project: from a quotation to after-sales service. Do you prefer to hire one of our cutting-edge machines? No problem.

Innovative solutions of the highest quality for all customers

Cutting-edge solutions of superior quality make Spraystream a global leader in the field of atomizer technologies. Quality was and is absolutely paramount to us. We strive to innovate our technologies every day to sell the best possible systems. Sustainability is key in this respect: our systems are ecological and designed with wear-resistant materials for extensive use. We always observe the needs of our customers, striving to establish a long-term relationship thanks to our excellent service.

Our job is to create a healthy and safe environment.

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A remarkable history

1980 Technisch Bureau Van Belle is established. The Waregem-based company will go on to accrue 25 years of experience in conveyor accessories.
2004 Former pilot Mirko Savic and his Savic Group acquire the Technisch Bureau and develops industrial dust control solutions using atomizer technologies.
2006 As a pioneer in its field, the company wins the prestigious Innovation Prize at the Matexpo Awards.
2008 The Savic Group moves to Esserstraat in Zwevegem.
2010 Spraystream's innovative technologies prove their efficiency and are sold around the globe.
2013 The Savic Group develops Spraystream Jetzone. Integrated modular systems for crushers and shredders are added to the range.
2016 The Savic Group produces its thousandth machine, a milestone.
2017 The Savic Group continues to grow. The company continues its global expansion with a network of over 25 distributors around the world.
2018 The company outgrows its offices in Esserstraat and moves to the Evolis site in Kortrijk. The brand-new production hall adds the final touch to the relocation.
2019 Machine no. 2000 is created.
2021 The Savic Group develops its 3000th machine. To this day, we continue to innovate to sell the best machines, always looking ahead.
2022 First international dealer event at the headquarter in Belgium