Cutting-edge technologies for the ultimate in dust control

Spraystream uses innovative methods to prevent and control dust, based on the principle of atomizing. Because large surface areas are nebulised at the same time, we focus on efficient and sustainable dust suppression.

Our technologies are also used to eliminate unpleasant odours. Mist particles will absorb the odour particles. Our machines can also be used to cool and decontaminate spaces. An additive is often added to the mist. Besides neutralising unpleasant odours, this agent extends the duration of the dust-binding.

Mist instead of water

When micro-droplets (mist) come into contact with dust, both matters merge. They subsequently fall on the floor together, eliminating the dust from the air. This is not the case when using large water droplets; where the dust particles move around the droplets. By controlling the size and quantity of the micro-droplets, we can create the best solution for your issue.

Cutting-edge technologies for the ultimate in dust control

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The Spraystream atomizer systems all work in the same manner:


The installation is connected to a water pipeline. Depending on the type of water source, this water is supplied at a pressure from 1 to 5 bar.


The water moves through a water treatment unit, where water filters remove the dust particles and minerals from the water. An optional UV filter can be installed to control legionella and other bacteria.


Our high-pressure pumps subsequently push the water through the atomizers (nozzles) at a pressure between 20 and 80 bar, creating and distributing micro-droplets.


The mist absorbs the dust.


Additives can be added to the mist using a built-in dosing pump.


When you turn the atomizer off, the remaining water is expelled through the magnet valve.

Spraystream, the solution for all dust issues

Do you have a specific dust issue? We will look at the most suitable solution together with you.

We start by analysing the dust source and the environment. Factors such as wind, temperature, distance, and the working method used by the customer determine the type of atomizer. Modular systems can also be interesting, but using a powerful fog cannon is more effective in environments with various causes of dust.

The average PM value of the dust particles is then used to calculate the average size of the required mist droplets. This ensures that larger and smaller dust particles can be absorbed better by the various mist droplets.

We determine the pressure based on the desired range to choose a suitable pump. We use centrifugal pumps and plunger pumps.

All atomizers can be personalised based on the customer's needs. Besides the type of frame (fixed or mobile), the transmission, and the desired water supply, we offer options that make operating and automating the machine easier. Customers can also opt for a remote control, segmented nozzles, pressure switches, a varnish layer for additional corrosion resistance, a weather station, and more.

Spraystream fog cannons: a high-quality solution

Spraystream offers an extensive range of fog cannons with various options. These machines create a micro-droplet mist curtain with a range of up to 150 metres, in part thanks to the use of high-quality materials:

  • The patented cone shape is aerodynamic and made from a composite. This high-quality material creates lighter machines, has an attenuating effect, and has a lower risk of corrosion. The cone shape leads to a maximum range with a minimum capacity and water.
  • We also use GRUNDFOS maintenance-free pumps of the highest quality.
  • Our intuitive machines are also very easy to use and can be controlled remotely.
  • The Spraystream machines have a default electrical oscillation and the fans can withstand high performances.
  • The wind guides make sure that a turbulent air flow is converted into a laminar air flow. This leads to minimum water flow losses and thus to more targeted and more efficient atomizing.
  • The atomizers can be replaced easily because we use rapid-lock systems.

Your working area while using fog cannons

A column of air exits the fog cannon at high velocity carrying the fog along with it. This fog can travel distances in excess of 150m.

The throw distance means that the furthest fog particles will reach that distance. Because the biggest droplet intensity ends up between 60 and 80% of the distance, keep in mind that the working area is best in this zone.
This may influence the choice of throw.

Modular systems, efficient dust control for scrap and rubble breakers

Our innovative and patented modular systems have been designed especially for scrap and rubble breakers. This unique technology addresses the dust issue at the source. We install injectors in the shredder in which we subsequently inject fine mist particles. These micro-droplets absorb the dust, repressing it from the inside.

The injectors can be installed in the breakers easily and quickly without adapting the structure of the breaker itself. The operation of the modular system can be monitored and checked from the control room. This technology can also involve additives for a sustainable approach to the dust issue.


An additive can be added to the water using a dosing pump. This has various benefits:

  • The binding of dust will last a long time in this manner. Once the dust has been bound, it will remain fixed, even once the water has evaporated.
  • The additive also leads to a lower surface tension of the droplets, allowing larger droplets to also absorb dust.
  • The additive neutralises unpleasant odours when used for odour control.
  • When used for disinfecting purposes, disinfectant can be added to the water.
  • Of course, all Spraystream additives are harmless and biodegradable.
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