Mist cannons

The Spraystream mist cannons come with an extensive array of options

Industrial fog cannons for odour and dust control

With two decades of experience under its belt, Spraystream has already accrued extensive expertise in dust control. This is expressed in an extensive range of fog spray cannons with a variety of options. Will you use a mobile or fixed frame? And which power supply do you want to use: grid power or a generator? The options are endless, ensuring we have a suitable machine for each project.

  • 10 to 150 m throw
  • Mobile and fixed devices
  • Mains power or power group
  • Water connection or reservoir

Choosing the right fog cannon: compare apples to apples

! When it comes to dust control solutions; making the right choice can significantly impact the dust control ability. At Spraystream, we understand the importance of investing in the right technology. Here's how to ensure you're comparing apples to apples when (technically) evaluating a Spraystream cannon against other brands:

- Throw: Spraystream cannons are designed and patented to have a maximal throw fan power ratio. Don't get lost in creative throw numbers with less power.

- Spray efficiency: Ensure the system provides a wide optimal diffuse mist cloud to cover large areas.

- Water consumption: Check how much water the system uses. Spraystream cannons are engineered to minimise water usage while maintaining superior dust control.

- Water pressure: At least 18 bar is needed to create small droplets, which are essential for effective airborne dust control.

- Other technical elements: Choose for
- quick-change nozzle systems for easier maintenance and to avoid downtime
- a two-level filtration system to ensure clean water use and extend the system lifespan
- a noise-dampening technology for quieter operation

Spraystream cannons are built for durability and easy maintenance, ensuring long-term reliability even in harsh conditions. We offer adjustable and customisable solutions to meet various needs, backed by continuous technological innovation. Additionally, Spraystream stands for customer excellence, one of our key values.

Choose a pioneer brand…

The work­ing area

A column of air exits the fog cannon at high velocity carrying the fog along with it. This fog can travel distances in excess of 150m.

The throw distance means that the furthest fog particles will reach that distance. Because the biggest droplet intensity ends up between 60 and 80% of the distance, keep in mind that the working area is best in this zone.
This may influence the choice of throw.

Thorough support, wherever you are

The needs of our customer are paramount to Spraystream. That is why we guarantee thorough follow-up after you buy or hire your fog cannon. You can easily order spare parts for your machine anywhere in the world. Do you require maintenance? Get in touch.

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