Effective odour and dust control during the recycling process thanks to our unique technology.

Recycling is more important than ever in a world that is becoming increasingly circular. During this process, waste materials are processed into a new product, often with the same goal. In other cases, the material is used to generate energy. Examples include paper, glass, wood, or plastic.

Recycling is essential nowadays, but the production process itself often causes numerous dust and odour issues. This can lead to unhappy employees, but also a soured relationship with the neighbourhood. You should focus on reducing dust and odour nuisance as much as possible to avoid escalation and complaints.

Spraystream has developed a number of innovative machines for dust and odour control. An organic additive is added to our fog cannons that neutralises the unpleasant odour. At the same time, the mist absorbs all dust particles. We also have smart modular systems designed specifically for crushers and shredders. By injecting micro-droplets into the shredder, the issue is addressed at the source. Additives can also be added to these systems. Do you need a different approach? No worries, we are an expert in custom fixed nozzle systems.

Pop­u­lar solu­tions for recycling

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