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Industrial dust control has been critical for a number of years, especially in the context of health and the environment. However, the use of our innovative dust control systems sometimes gives rise to questions. The list below already includes a number of important questions and the corresponding answers.

If small dust particles come into contact with mist particles, the two substances merge and fall down as a single object. This is not the case when using large water droplets, where the dust particles move around the droplets. This is how we control dust using as little water as possible, addressing your dust issues in a very efficient manner.

Yes, Spraystream makes an active contribution to a sustainable planet. We firstly and primarily control the emissions that are harmful to the environment and your health. Removing these substances from the air creates a healthy living environment. Our innovative systems also consume 95% less water compared to traditional water spraying.

We are more than happy to visit you and determine the desired solution. Interested in a fog cannon? Use our online tool to determine which type you need.

Everyone likes to be in a healthy, dust-free environment.

By focusing on dust suppression...

  • … you guarantee a healthy and safe environment for your employees. This, in turns, boosts morale and productivity.
  • ... you can rely on ongoing compliance with health and environmental requirements.
  • ... you reduce the wear of your equipment and the cleaning and maintenance costs.
  • ... the risk of dust explosion or fire decreases significantly.
  • ... your company will maintain its spotless image.

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