Recycling firm Galloo reduces dust thanks to our modular systems

Recycling firm Galloo processes worn consumables and industrial scrap. These processes release plenty of dust. Our innovative modular systems for shredders (Jetzone) greatly reduce these emissions.

We developed the patented Jetzone technology considering the following basic rules concerning dust suppression.

  • Only fine droplets will suppress the dust.
  • The most effective way with the best results is by suppressing the dust where it has
    been generated.

As a result, we use fog to suppress the dust. We inject the fine droplets mist directly into the shredder housing with durable shredder-resistant injectors.

Testimonial Galloo

Testimonial by a Galloo operator.
(full version on You Tube)

I would refuse to work without Spraystream Jetzone, because our health and environment are at risk without it.

Galloo operator

Besides modular systems for shredders, Galloo also calls on Spraystream fog cannons and fixed nozzle systems.