A S4.0 fog cannon for a demolition job by Normans i Jönköping AB

When dust settles on a workplace, it indicates that work is in full swing. However, when demolition occurs close to homes, the dust can become a concern for residents.

This was the case for Normans i Jönköping AB, which was carrying out a large demolition project in Uppsala, with 10 to 12 buildings on the agenda. To solve the problem, Normans called on Amas, Spraystream's Swedish dealer. Amas went on site and delivered a Spraystream fog cannon S4.0.

On-site install­a­tion of a S4.0 fog cannon

The choice of location was crucial for effectiveness. Amas had to locate where the dust was blown out of the workplace, determine the wind direction and position the cannon for the best effect. This also meant pulling out a water hose and arranging electricity. This effort allowed Normans to continue their work with minimal disruption to residents.

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