Spraystream S2 2 Cart single SS25i


The Spraystream S2.2 Single Cart is a dust suppression machine that generates a consistent stream of microdroplets to capture airborne dust particles and prevent fugitive dust's escape. This misting machine belongs to the smaller machines but has an extra rotation option. This misting canon can be set up with every dust suppression project inside or outdoor.

  • Throw icon
    Throw: 25 meter
  • Power icon
    Mains power 3-phase
  • Mobility icon
  • Mobility icon
    External water supply

Easy to operate
Easy to move with truck
Nozzles with ceramic head
Nozzles made of stainless steel
Hot dipped galvanized structure
Stainless steel nozzle ring
Lightweigt composite cone

Plug 5pin 16 Stekker 5p - 16A

Pressure at machine (min-max) 2-5
Water flow (l/h) 400

Pressure/level detection
Membrane valve
Remote control / Light
Lifting bracket
Stainless steel cabinet
Wheel set
Phase controller
Saltwater package connectors

Length 1350 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 1950 mm
Weight 275 kg


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